These Advertisement Service Guidelines (the “Guidelines”) is prepared to provide guidance to the Advertiser and/or Agency acting for and on behalf of the Advertiser in preparing Content (or material) which will be displayed or published on the Services provided by LINE Corp  and/or its Affiliate (the “Company”).

These Guidelines must be read together with the terms and conditions and guidelines applicable to the relevant Services as well as LINE Service Master Agreement or Indirect Purchase of LINE Service Agreement.

A. General Criteria for Advertising any Merchandise or Service

Advertiser shall comply with all relevant laws and regulations, advertising ethics as well as the following general criteria for advertising any merchandise or services on LINE Services such as LINE Official Account, LINE Timeline, LINE Today, LINE Points Ads and/or other LINE Services, which currently in existing and may be in existence in the future. 

1.  Law No. 11 of 2008 regarding Electronic Information and Transactions Law as Amended by Law No. 19 of 2016 (the “ITE Law”)  

Considering that Content (or material) will be published through electronic systems used by LINE Services, then the following provisions under the ITE Law will be applicable: 

Content of the advertisement shall contain complete and accurate information related to the offered goods and/or services;

Content of the advertisement shall not contain things that violate decency including child sexual exploitation ;

Content of the advertisement shall not contain gambling material; 

Content of the advertisement shall not contain insult and/or defamation; 

Content of the advertisement shall not contain blackmail and/or threat; 

Content of the advertisement shall not contain false and mislead information that causes losses for the customers;

Content of the advertisements shall not contain any content that creates hatred or hostility to certain individuals and/or community groups based on ethnicity, religion, race and between groups (SARA).

Violation of the above provisions may be subject to various sanctions, namely imprisonment for a maximum of 6 (six) years and / or with a maximum fine of Rp. 1,000,000,000 (one billion Rupiah).

2. Law No. 8 of 1999 regarding Customer Protection (the “Customer Protection Law”) 

The Customer Protection Law which aims at providing protection to the customers, in general requires business actors in advertising business field not to produce advertisement that:  

Deceive the customers regarding the quality, quantity, material, usage and price of the goods and/or services as well as the punctuality of time delivery of the goods and/or services;

Deceive the customer with respect to the guarantee given to the goods and/or services;

Contain misleading information, incorrect, or inaccurate regarding the goods and/or services;

Does not contain information about the risks entailed in using the goods and/or services;

Exploits an event and/or a person without permission from the authority or consent from the concerned person; and/or

Violates ethics and/or law on advertising.  

Violation of the above provisions may be subject to various sanctions, namely imprisonment for a maximum of 5 (five) years and / or with a maximum fine of Rp. 2,000,000,000 (two billion Rupiah).

3.   Advertisements General Criteria on the Internet based on Advertising Ethics 2007  

Based on the Advertising Ethic of 2007 advertisement on the internet:

Shall not be displayed in such a way as to interfere with the ability or freedom of the customers to browse (to browse) and interact with related sites, unless previously warned.

Shall clearly display the following;

       reason as to why the recipient receives such advertisement;

       clear and easy instructions on how to no longer receive advertisement from the same address and/or party

       the full address of the advertisement sender; and 

       a guarantee of the rights and privacy of the recipient of the advertising message.

Online or interactive advertisement: advertisement that offers a product through an online or interactive media, must comply with the following:

does not require the need to convey information about customers that are more than the need to transact on related products;

do not use information about that customers for things that have nothing to do with a normal transaction;

guarantees, that the payment method applied to the buyer is safe from wiretapping or abuse by any party.

4. General Criteria Containing Prohibitions and Restriction of Advertisement Material 

4.1 Inducing Advertisement with Vague Message

The advertisement shall not display, use or advertise the name, brand, trademark, copyright, patent, and/or any other intellectual property without permission or consent of the right holders.

       The content of the advertisement shall be clear and legible.

The advertisement shall not contain false or exaggerated statements.

The advertisement shall not cause misunderstanding in the essential elements concerning goods or services, refer to any false, insubstantial or exaggerated technical report, statistics or anything and contain statements that an ordinary person knows cannot be trusted.

The advertisement shall not directly or indirectly encourage the commission of an unlawful or immoral act, or adversely affect the national culture.

The advertisement shall not cause disunity or adversely affect the unity among the public.

The advertisement shall avoid using comparative and superlative words such as “the most”, “first” “100%” or other words with similar meaning in the advertisement unless the Advertiser has evidence to prove that such product or service has the mentioned qualifications

4.2    Erotic Advertisement 

        If the advertising materials for any adult products or non-adult products are presented in “exposing”, “seducing” or “nude” manners, it should be deemed as erotic advertisement. Erotic advertisement shall be avoided as it may be deemed as an immoral act or as affecting the national culture.

       Advertising material containing sexual innuendo, including pictures exposing skin and nudity, promoting such contents shall be avoided as it may be deemed as an immoral act or as affecting the national culture.

       In other circumstances on the threshold of becoming erotic and potentially offending the netizens, LINE may exercise its judgment in determining whether or not to prohibit such advertisement.

4.3 Illegal or Unauthorized Advertising Elements (Images and Video/Music) 

        Images of individuals (such as singers or politicians), groups, or companies and so on, shall neither be utilized for advertisement without permission or authorization from the right holders, nor express or imply exaggerated or untruthful statements.

       Videos, music and music videos shall not be utilized for advertisement without permission or authorization from the right holders.

5. Other Applicable Provisions or Criteria that Have Not Been Referred in the Above Stated Laws and Regulations, Advertisement Ethics and General Criteria    

In general, in addition to what has been mentioned above, Advertiser and/or Agency are prohibited from advertising goods and / or services that are classified as dangerous, in any way violating the law, invading other people's privacy or other rights, advertisements that copy advertisements of other parties, and advertisements containing personal data of certain people who do not get usage consent from the concerned person, the word “halal” shall be used only for products that have obtained halal certificate, the word “president”, “king”, “queen” of the like cannot be used in negative connotation. 

B. Specific Criteria for Advertising Certain Types of Merchandise or Service

In addition to the foregoing general criteria, the Advertiser must also give attention to the following specific criteria before advertising specific goods and/or services on LINE Services: 

1. Goods and/or Services Prohibited from Being Advertised  

  • Good and/or service with adult material:  

- goods or services whose advertisement contains pornography and/or involving minor (paedophile);

- goods related to sexual harassment, sex equipment, enlargement pill, sex toys; and

- massage services (++), lady escort, commercial sex service, karaoke lady.

  • Goods that violate the intellectual property rights of others: such as black market items, counterfeit goods, second quality goods, imitations, super premiums, AAA / +++ grade, pirated goods, copies of the original and replica goods, branded wannabe, films, music files, software and other goods that violate intellectual property rights.
  • Drugs. Medicine, Certain Foods and Beverage:  

- illegal drugs in accordance with Law No. 35 of 2009 concerning Narcotics, psychotropic and drugs or substances and other chemical substitute substance;

drugs, food and beverages that have not obtained a distribution permit in Indonesia and/or whose advertising materials have not been/ are not approved by the authorized parties;

- food, drink and medicine that have not been registered / prohibited by Indonesian National Agency of Drugs and Food Control.

  • Hacking and Cracking Services: included in this category are jailbreak/ by pass/unlocked services, non-original/ certified operating system installation services, interception services, sales of serial keys that are sold without providing software, hacking services, website destruction service.
  • Weapons, Explosive and Government Attributes: firearms and any equipment designed to harm or maltreat people, as well as ammunition and explosives shall not be advertised. As well as, products related to military attributes, such as ranks emblem, government institution’s attributes (Police, Transportation, Immigration, Tax Services Office etc),  shall not be advertised.    
  • Services that Enables Dishonest Conduct: including in this category is advertisement for services that aim to support fraud, encourage money laundering, document falsification, sell certificates, sell certificates, thesis/dissertation making services, pyramid schemes, money games, falsify Vehicle Number Certificate, Vehicle Ownership Book.
  • Gambling: all forms of gambling and betting shall not be advertised either explicitly or implicitly.  

Organ Transplants: organ transplants such as kidney, corneal heart etc should not be advertised.

  • Goods and/or Services Using the Company’s Brand Feature: goods and/or services advertised using the Company's brand features, namely LINE, are not allowed unless obtained a prior written approval from the Company.

2. Goods and/or Services with Restriction on Advertisement 

  • Liquor: can only be advertised to targeted users over 17 years of age, does not influence or stimulate the audience to start drinking alcohol, does not suggest that not drinking alcohol is inappropriate, does not describe the use of alcohol in activities that is harmful for the safety.
  • Cigarettes: cigarette advertisements may not be published in advertising media whose primary target audience is under 17 years of age, broadcasting cigarettes and tobacco products advertisement must meet the following conditions:

does not suggest people to smoke;

does not depict or suggest that smoking may benefit the health;

does not display or depict in the form of pictures, writing, or a combination of both, cigarette packs, cigarettes, or people smoking, or directing to people smoking;

does not intended for or display in the form of pictures or writing, or a combination of both, children, adolescents, or pregnant women;

does not include the name of the product concerned is cigarettes; and

does not conflict with the prevailing norms in society.


-     advertisement may not explicitly or implicity suggest the use of drugs that are not in accordance with the indicated license;

advertisement should not encourage excessive use of a drug;

advertisement must not use words, expressions, descriptions or images that promise healing, but only to help relieve symptoms of a disease;

advertisement must not describe or give the impression of giving advice, recommendations, or information about the use of certain drugs by health professionals such as doctors, nurses, pharmacists, laboratories, and other parties who represent the health profession, along with all attributes, or those with health professional connotations;

advertisements should not suggest that a drug is an absolute requirement to maintain a healthy body;

advertisement must not manipulate or exploit people's fear of a disease because they do not use the advertised drug;

advertisements must not use exaggerating words such as "safe", "harmless", "free of side effects", "risk free" and other expressions of the same meaning, without adequate description;

advertisement may not offer medical diagnoses or mailing treatments;

advertisements may not offer a warranty; and

the advertisement must not mention the ability to cure diseases in an over-limited or unlimited capacity.

  • Foods

advertisement may not feature toddler characters for products that are not intended for toddlers;

advertisement about processed food containing high levels ingredients that may endanger and or interfere with the growth and or development of children, are prohibited from being published in media specifically aimed at children; and

advertisement about food intended for babies must obtain approval from the Ministry of Health or other authorized institutions and must include information that it is not a substitute for breast milk.

  • Vitamin, Mineral and Suplement 

advertisement must be in accordance with the indication of the type of product approved by the Ministry of Health or the competent body for it;

advertisement must not state or give the impression that vitamins, minerals or supplements are always needed to complement foods that have perfect nutritional value;

advertisement must not state or give the impression that the use of vitamins, minerals and supplements is an absolute requirement for everyone, and give the impression of being medicinal;

advertisement must not state that health, excitement and beauty will be obtained solely from the use of vitamins, minerals or supplements; and

-   advertisement may not contain representations on the upgrading ability either directly or indirectly.


advertisement must be in accordance with the indication of the type of product approved by the Ministry of Health or the competent authority thereof;

advertisement should not promise absolute results immediately, if it turns out that its use must be carried out regularly and continuously; and

advertisement shall not offer results beyond the ability of the cosmetic products.

Medical Devices 

advertisement a must be in accordance with the type of product approved by the Ministry of Health, or the authorized agency for that matter; and

advertisement for condoms, women napkins, special fragrances or deodorants and other products of an intimate nature must be displayed in an appropriate manner, and at adult broadcast times.

Fitness or Slimming Equipment and Facilities: advertisement that offers fitness or slimming equipment and facilities, must not make unprovable promises or ignore the side effects that may arise as a result of using such equipment or facilities.


property advertisements can only be provided if the advertiser has obtained the righst for legal ownership of the property, as well as all necessary permits from the authorities, and is free from claims by any other party; and

if the advertisement, or the catalogue that it refers to, includes provisions on buying and selling, then the terms must be clear and complete..

Business and Investment Opportunities: investment product advertisements that offer business opportunities, promises of return on investment, lend-and-borrow or profit sharing, must clearly and completely state the nature and form of the offer as well as state the risks the public might face if they become investors.

Course and Job Vacancies

-    course advertisements shall not contain the promise of obtaining a specific job or income; and apply; and

job advertisements must not overly promise the salary and or benefits that will be obtained.

If the Advertiser and/or Agency could not find the category of products and/or services that will be advertised in the list above, the Advertiser and/or agency are advised to review the applicable Advertisement Ethic.

Last Updated On: September 8th, 2020